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NATURE Environmental Studies & Consultations W.L.L. (Nature)

is a recognized environmental consulting firm in the Kingdom of Bahrain with affiliation of internationally well-known consulting companies specializes in providing environmental studies, consultations and extensive range of environmental services. The headquarters of Nature is in Bahrain and it also has branches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and State of Qatar, For about 9 years, Nature has been a devoted and trusted partner to the private sector, local government agencies and commercial industries and is aiming at continuously establishing high service standards and leads the environmental consulting industry in the Gulf Region towards excellence in environmental protection. Around the Arabian Gulf, Nature operates with a commitment to integrity, highest standards of ethical behavior, individual accountability and transparent disclosure not because these are required to do so by law, but because they are good for our business, our clients, our employees and our stockholders. With a knowledge base of more than 500 years, we are able to respond to any conditions while providing clients with the technical resources and excellence with everything we do. Though our main focus is on development projects, the company puts great weight to social responsibility which is a guiding principle for Nature to produce faithful and uncompromising studies for the benefit of the environment and society as whole.

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What We Do

Our core services are designed to meet the broad range of our clients’ changing needs. The strong communities surrounding these practices ensures consultants can transcend geographical boundaries, develop innovative solutions in addressing our clients’ challenges and work more closely with their sector-focused colleagues across the globe. At NATURE, we are conscious of the need to look at and address the wider strategic ambitions in an organization. Our team our multifarious team of Environmental Engineers, Environmental Scientist, Ecologists, Marine Biologist, HSE Experts, Sustainability Consultants and Lead Auditors, act as trusted advisors in a number of the world’s leading companies to find solutions to their sustainable performance, operational and cultural challenges.

Why Nature

Nature: Offers a wide range of environmental services Possesses most innovative & environmental friendly solutions to the environmental problems & risks Headed by its CEO 33 years notable experience in environmental field 20 years at Saudi Aramco – Environmental Protection Department Employs multi-disciplinary team of Environmental Engineers, Environmental Scientist, Ecologists, Marine Biologist, HSE Experts, Sustainability Consultants and Lead Auditors. Majority of the in-house specialists have Doctorate and post-graduate degrees with +10 years of experience Combined experiences of more than 120 years Joint collaborations with well-known and reputable international environmental consultancy firms


Nature is guided by four Corporate Pillars: Vision, Mission, Values and Commitment: the same building blocks that created our legacy reflect our aspirations and pave our way to success. We are committed to provide services that are consistent, professional and of highest quality.

Our Vision

- Leader in environmental consultancy field - One-stop environmental solution and service provider - Preferred partner in environmental projects, studies & other related works

Our Mission

- To become the unique single source of the best quality environmental services in the region, which are cost-effective and environmental friendly - Exceed clients expectations - Promote Environmental awareness - Train, harness and qualify young regional talents

Our Values

- Client focus: we value entrepreneurial, innovative and client-orientated behavior - Accountability: we are each personally accountable and jointly responsible for the success of NATURE and for the delivery of quality work to our clients - Transparency: we expect the highest level of ethical behavior and personal integrity in all our transactions in accordance with our NATURE Code of Business Conduct and Ethics - Empowerment: we will help all our people to realize their potential - Collaboration: we believe in the principles of partnership, respect for each our business partner and have faith mutual & support across the world.

Our Commitment

- Providing our clients with technical excellence and innovative solutions to help them respond to the challenges of sustainable development - Conducting our business with integrity, applying ethical principles to our relationships with clients, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders; - Respecting the customs and laws of the many countries where we work and have offices; - Ensuring the health, safety, personal security and well-being of our people; - Placing a high value on our people as individuals, ensuring the right to freedom from discrimination and harassment at work; and - Encouraging our people to contribute to their local communities and to the world community.


Nature is committed to lead the Environmental Consulting Service in the Gulf Region in delivering high quality services to satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers while minimizing the impact of its activities to the environment. The key points of its strategy to achieve this are: Actively promote environmental protection; Meet and strive to exceed all relevant environmental legislation; Continuous improvement of the knowledge base of all concerned staff members; Quality and customer satisfaction shall be the overriding objective for all functions at all levels; Continuously implement relevant training programs for our staff to raise their level of awareness and provide knowledge and capacity building on environmental issues; Implement this policy and establish an efficient performance appraisal system to ensure that all activities lead to the achievement of our goals and objectives.

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